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5 Reasons Why Online Fitness Training Works For Busy People

The face of personal training is changing rapidly, and some might say for the better. No longer are our choices limited to local trainers or specific times and locations. The ever-changing needs of business and life mean that we need more flexibility and greater input into how we organise ourselves each day.

Those of you who place emphasis on your health and fitness will already feel the difference and know how much you benefit from reduced stress and greater productivity, not to mention the reduced health risk.

So why might you benefit more from an online trainer than a traditional gym based trainer?

1. Greater Flexibility

The chances are that sessions with your gym based trainer will be organised a week or so in advance and paid for by the hour (or block of hours). You’re now stuck with that time slot and should any changes occur with work or home life then you either lose the session or have to go through the process of re-booking.

So what happens to the workout that day? It will probably never happen, or you’ll just go for a run or cobble together some other form workout. Either way, progress is affected.

An online trainer means that the workout fits around you and not the other way around. I will freely admit that there is a benefit to having someone stood working with you but not an essential factor these days (especially as clients can self-correct technique, etc.). In my experience most professional business men and women are self-motivated people and holding them accountable to complete a workout on a specific day has never been a problem.

….and what if you need to travel extensively?

Another example is the ability to rapidly change exercise and nutrition programmes when you travel frequently. When was the last time you contacted your trainer in the gym and told them you were travelling in the next few hours and needed coaching while away? They may be able to help you or they may not. Either way, online training allows you that constant flexibility to match your needs.

2. Global Reach

You now have access to trainers and coaches all over the world. An opportunity to find the person that best fits your personality, goals and budget. Maybe you want a specialist running coach, a triathlete, weight loss expert or even celebrity trainer? Simply build a “shopping list” of your requirements and off you go.

3. Wide Range of Expertise

Keeping you on top of your game at home and work often requires a multitude of skills. Exercise and nutrition are just a part of the trainer’s toolbox. Helping you manage stress, address habits, stay accountable, optimise your available time and adjust lifestyle traits are just some of the expertise trainers bring to their clients.

Traditionally gym based personal training has tended to focus on the physical with perhaps some nutritional input. Any additional assistance requires more time from the trainer, and consequently costs go up, the online trainer isn’t burdened with the same time restrictions and can cover more ground.

4. More for Your Money

We’ve already mentioned some of the extra skills and benefits that an online trainer can bring to help you progress your goals. Part of the reason those skills can be brought to bear is that the trainer’s contact time with you is split into smaller slots. Time effective for the trainer means cost effective and greater value for you.

On the financial front if you’re spending at least 3 hours a week with a personal trainer then you’ll probably pay the best part of $1,000(USD) per month…and most of that is just gym time. Spend the same with an online trainer/programme and you’re getting access to a wider range of tools to help you progress.

5. Greater Accountability

Increased contact with you provides greater accountability and access to advice as and when you need it. Email, phone, Skype, Google Hangouts, messaging applications, etc. all provide flexible platforms for contact (some of my clients even have their emergency contact email for when times get tough).

Workout reminders, queries on food choices (I get texts from clients at restaurants asking for advice on what to choose), habit reprogramming, etc. can all be addressed at the time you most need it. Think of the times you most need help to stay “on track”, chances are they’re not mid bench press.

It’s not to say that traditional gym based training is bad, far from it, in fact, it’s just limited in many respects. Taking the time to evaluate the right option for you and your lifestyle is the most important consideration. If you’re someone who travels extensively, has a busy lifestyle or would like help with a broader lifestyle scope, then you might do well to consider an online trainer.