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Engaging Customers On Twitter – Helpful Tips

Twitter is practically a godsend for small businesses.

Below are 4 simple tips to help you engaging customers on Twitter

1. Listen

Find relevant topics for engaging your customers on Twitter that go with whatever business you are involved in, there are bound to be communities for pretty much anything. The helpful thing about twitter is that it has an advanced search function to help you locate keywords. When you find the topic you are looking for weather it be fitness or food, listen! Listen to what the community has to say, show interest in your field to highlight your knowledge by joining the conversation.

All this listening and finding the right topic of conversation may seem time-consuming, but it does offer an opportunity to create natural, one-to-one relationship with a potential customer.

2. Follow

Following is another way to immerse yourself into the world of twitter, but you don’t want to follow every Tom, Dick and Harry that decides they want to follow you otherwise you’re going to end up with a cluttered feed that won’t do you any favours.

Why not search for the top bloggers that are in your industry, go to their twitter profiles and follow their followers. When people see you have followed them, they may check your twitter profile out and perhaps decide to follow you, which in turn will increase your exposure.

Looking for journalists and bloggers in your field of business can prove invaluable, as their tweets may give you a better insight into what’s hot and what’s not in your field of business.

3. Talk

You have listened, you have followed and now it’s time to start talking and engage customers on Twitter.

Start a conversation and tweet about a subject that you have knowledge on, use your know how to attract like-minded people to your tweet, put some links in from articles that you have on your own blog, share little nuggets of wisdom from other articles or books that you have read. Chuck in a few famous quotations from anyone that inspires you, all this will help to build a following on Twitter and increase awareness of your own brand.

Remember if you are a small business you will rely on local people in your town becoming loyal to you brand. Social media platforms like Twitter make it possible for you to connect to potential regional customers and build a relationship that will help spread the word of your brand further.

4. Promote

Twitters analytics can provide you with a host of information and evidence that can help you figure out what tweets have caught the public’s eye and what hasn’t. Once you have that important information you can then start to think about using promotional tweets.

The posts that have brought the most interest are the ones you want to promote as these will help show off your business and hopefully land you potential customers.

The important thing to remember is that twitter is only part of getting yourself or your business recognised. To get the most out of Twitter you need to have yourself a strategy just like this one…… so remember Listen, Follow, Talk and promote.