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How to Keep Your Gym Clients Coming Back

Keeping your gym crowd consistent is one of the biggest challenges you will have a gym owner. With so many options available for fitness facilities your clients are spoilt for choice of where to turn for their next gym fix. So how can you keep your gym packed with regular customers? By being social, keep your clients engaged with fitness reminders, personalised messages and special promotions with great offers.

Below are some useful tips on how to keep your gym clients consistent.

1. Keeping Clients on a Schedule

One of the easiest ways to keep your customer motivated is to send out little reminders via email, Facebook or Twitter reminding them about up and coming workouts, by automating your reminders you can do this for each client. As a personal trainer who is sending out personal reminders shows that you are interested in your client’s fitness goals and will help keep them motivated to return to your gym.

2. Using Personal Profiles for each Client

By setting up detailed personal profiles for each of your customers, you can style your marketing to match their individual fitness routines. Being able to appeal to a client’s preferences will help you keep them engaged.

Another way of benefiting from information is to send out newsletters to focus on your customer’s priorities. This additional information may seem like over-egging it, but by sending a newsletter, it could make a significant impact on your client engagement skills.

3. Using Social Media for Promotions

Keeping up a constant social media presence is a big part of keeping clients engaged online. Using your social media pages to promote specials offers or advertise discount training sessions will help to keep your customers engaged.

If you decide to host a special event or invite a guest trainer, schedule posts to post automatically for a certain amount of time that leads up to the event, that way you are always advertising and hopefully catching people’s attention.

Another great way of using your social media is posting images; images can boost your online traffic. Try running a contest on Facebook where your clients post pictures of their achievements in the gym, the photo with the most likes wins some free stuff! Doing this on Facebook will form a community spirit also helping to engage clients.

The points above are bits of helpful information I have picked up along the way that have helped me to help fitness club owners become more active and social in engaging clients.