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LinkedIn for Fitness Businesses – How to Build Relationships

If you are a small fitness business owner, you will know that professional relationships are important. Built over time a good professional relationship will usually bring some success. So in theory the more relationships you have the more business you should gain. This is where LinkedIn for fitness businesses can really help build more relevant relationships.

What is

LinkedIn happens to be one of the biggest online networking sites, consisting of more than 30 million experienced professionals from around the world and representing 150 industries.

Joining LinkedIn for fitness business simple; you create your profile that shows off your own professional accomplishments. Once your profile has been created it allows you to find and be found by clients, partners and former colleagues.

One of the key features of LinkedIn is that you can add more connections by inviting other trusted contacts to join and connect to you.

You are now networking with what could be potentially new business.

Below are four useful tips for using LinkedIn

1. Start with InMail

InMail will help you connect to other brands or individuals that are in the same profession as you and allow you to draft a personalised message tailored to any of your contacts.

2. Keep in Touch

After sending out your first InMail it is important to create another personalised one to follow up your initial message. This is a better way to connect with other influential people and potential business for your brand. This also serves as a prime opportunity to talk more about yourself and what your business has to offer.

3. Announcing Important Events and Updates

Use important events and business updates as a way of continuing communication with your network. Keep people informed about the latest updates with your brand and any industry news. Try to find out what their needs might be, show you’re interested in the people on your network rather than promoting yourself.

4. Joining the Conversation

LinkedIn has a large number of professional groups, published posts and other information which you can view on a daily basis. Have a look through this information and see what best suits your business. Join a group that has influencers you can interact with that specialises in your brand.

Joining a group is a great way to make new contacts and establish relationships within your industry; this in turn could lead to you interacting with a whole new set of leads.

To Summarise

LinkedIn is one of the best social network platforms to help you meet professionals and liked minded people in your industry. It’s free to use and could be a great directory for your own business to gain insights and information into your brand.

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