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5 Fitness Website Marketing Tips

When starting with new customers, they often ask if we can help them improve their website as it’s not performing as well as they had hoped. While we take the time to talk to them and come up with suggestions on how they can improve, we can usually immediately identify the same few in the first 20 minutes of discussion.

So here is a list of 5 of the most common suggestions we make, that once implemented and the results are in, they usually say I wish I knew that when I first started out instead of wasting so much time.

They are not in any order, and it’s not an extensive list, as we could go on for days.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Face of Your Brand

As a personal trainer, you are providing a service which needs to build a relationship. It’s not vain, it’s a way of reinforcement that allows you to connect with the reader. Don’t be afraid to put your face to the brand. One of our other suggestions is video, and you are going to need to be the star of your own videos. Far too many businesses fail to do this as they are scared to put themselves out there.

As a consumer, you want to see a personality and the chances of someone interact with your business will go up excessively.

2. You Website Needs to be a Marketing Funnel Otherwise it’s Worthless

You website needs to take its visitor on a journey, you must start with providing value, building trust and finally turn them into a client. Without this process you won’t be able to convert them into a customer, it doesn’t matter how attractive your website looks, even if its designed by the most creative team in the world, without the journey you are in a losing battle.

Think about what your prospect wants to achieve when they visit your site, have you done the market research and are appealing to the greatest emotionally driven triggers they have. So if you’re running a teeth whitening company, that would be about a beautiful smile that lights up a room.

You then need to take them through the process that shows you are the number one expert in your field. This trust is a vital part of the process as it builds the confidence and shows that you will solve those emotional triggers.

3. You Website Has a Lack of Call to Action

Every single web page needs to have a distinct reason for the reader to move through your marketing process. A blog post should lead into something, and the about page should move them onto your next. It might be useful at this point to go through your website as your targeted customer and check this process exists within your site

4. Look at Your Most Popular Product / Service & Pull That Out

All the best websites put their top sellers in the most prominent places on their website. How many times have your been to Amazon and they have caught your eye. Most businesses fail to pull out their most popular products and services and showcase them. One of our trainers was pushing out an email with over five different targeted markets on it with, and nothing was selling. We asked her the top three and created specific campaigns for each one which proved to be so much more profitable.

5. Start Using Video

Most people are drawn to videos as they are more visual. Most people like to learn differently, listen to something or read a blog. When it comes to training though and trying to explain to someone how to master a technique is so much easier if they can watch a video time and time again. Sometimes you only have a short time with them, and they will have forgotten once they have left the session.

If you are not using videos you will also be losing out on a few other things:

  • Interaction and connection with your market
  • Free website traffic

These two alone should give you the motivation to get recording some short clips that will drive your business forward.