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Top Tips for Fitness Photography for your website

So….. You have your brand spanking new fitness website up and running, it has everything in it, apart from your images. That’s right your images. Yep these images are not yours they are from some stock internet Image Company and people are going to know that the pretty internet models working out don’t go to your gym; in fact it’s not even your gym in the photos!

What you need is your own photos in your fitness website showing you, your gym and your clients working out.
Don’t be afraid to pick up a camera or a mobile phone and get snapping!

Below are some helpful tips for fitness photography

1) Get low; it’s time to hit the ground!

Kneel or even lie down on the ground, you can get some great photos from shooting at a very low angle. Try shooting wide to capture multiple people or objects while you’re lying low.

2) Try using some different lenses or effects.

With most cameras and even some mobile phones you get a nice selection of lenses or effects to choose from. Try taking the same picture but with a different lenses or effect being used. Remember Variety is the spice of life!

3) Move!

Don’t be afraid to move about when your taking pictures, get behind, get above and get around. Experiment with moving around the subject matter taking photos from all angles.

4) Use a ladder

That’s right I said it, use a ladder get above the subject you’re photographing and shot from above!

5) Lighting

One of the most important parts of getting a good photo is good lighting. Use natural lighting if you can, but in case you don’t have that luxury use a flash, but make sure you do a couple of test shots just to see what the lighting is like.

6) Reaction

Do not underestimate the speed of you subjects. If you’re taking photos of someone running or moving through an exercise quickly, try to keep in mind your shutter speed on your camera. Cameras and even some mobile phones come equipped with an ISO setting, so make sure this is high enough to keep a fast shutter speed.

So there you go some easy non-technical tips for fitness photography.